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June 03, 2008



Where did you buy these from? I really think I could do with some of these to make lunches more interesting for my 2yr old and picnics in the summer hols. I saw Domesticali doing a similar thing with her ice cream moulds.


Those are so nifty! I've never seen those before...where have I been?! My son LOVED boiled eggs, so he would love them even more if they were is super fun shapes! :)


Just too spooky a co-incidence. Mark took his to school today and now I gather everybody wants one!

Your gizmos seem a good deal more swish than the rubber band and ice cream mould Heath Robinson contraption!


I have ordered the car and fish ones today so just have to wait for them to come

Mrs Thimble

Oh these are sooo fab,my girls would love these.Perhaps it may even encourage my 16yr old to try her first ever boiled egg! Where did you get them from ?


Oh my gosh! That is THE best idea ever!


OMG! I MUST have some of these, how fabulous are they???? Lucky kiddies of yours, my postman only brings bills at the mo!

belvedere beads

delightful insanity!
i want.


Love the moulds !
What a fab idea ! Could you please tell me where you purchased them...I would like to buy some too !
Oh...and love the emty nutella jar photo.. alas..I have seen that in my kitchen once too often..hence I do not buy nutella anymore...I have no self control.!

Hena Tayeb

the is ingenious.. to think the things people have to do to get their kids to eat. but ingenious indeed.

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