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June 04, 2008



Recycle the jar and write it on the shopping list! :)

Mrs Thimble

This so made me smile. Large jars of Nutella always seem to empty themselves in our house. The girls blame each other and hubby says it evaporates ! Just buy some more, you need the calories for energy to cope with moving. ;¬}


Don't feel in the least bit guilty! Just be thankful it was nothing stronger.

My Belgian chum had a 5kg jar of the stuff on her kitchen counter. My eyes almost popped out of my head. And she's super skinny (cow).

Angel Jem

I think self medication with Nutella sounds good and definitely better than something more powerful or illegal! Go for it!


Good for you, just go buy another jar!


sounds perfectly reasonable to me - your body's way of marshalling energy reserves! By the way I like mine half and half (half a spoon of smooth peanut butter and the other half nutella!)

Caroline B

Wow, I'm impressed! I'll lay into the Nutella or peanut butter but have never managed to finish a jar in one sitting!


jeez - a whole jar - I feel sick just reading this - go and have a glass of water - or a big bucket - ha ha!

Mrs Thimble

Thanks for the comment, you really are my best commenter ;]
How is the moving? We moved five years ago and I still have not recovered. We've still got boxes of 'stuff' in the garage and roof waiting to be unpacked!

Kate from Germany


you need a Silicone Spatula, size small, by tupper ware!
then there will be NOTHING in the glas ;-)



Don't feel bad! I love Nutella! :)

I have a pregnancy craving for nutella and banana sandwiches which is kind of getting out of hand! hehe

janet clare

I am in complete awe of your chocolate eating abilities...

Valerie Morzen

I just ate 4 pieces (make the 5 and a half) of Cote d'or chocolate (best Belgian chocolate ever!!!!) and am contemplating eating more, so who am I to judge. Good luck with the move.

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